Communicate with Your Team during Production

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A Little Less Conversation is Not a Good Idea, Elvis.


Man. That Elvis guy didn’t know what he was talking about. Since when has a little less talking helped anyone?

Well, specifically when you are shooting an event with multiple camera operators anyways.

Today’s post is about having some simple communication with your other shooters before shooting whatever it is you are shooting. Specifically – get your camera settings figured out together and for goodness sake – use matching White Balances! Here are three different shots from two different cameras. And just so you guys all know – this was from a late-2011 wedding – so i’m pointing the finger at myself first.

Color correction is a pain to begin with – but at least give yourself a fair chance by making sure everyone is on the same page. Your issue might not be white balance. Your problem might be framing or composition. Or maybe it’s audio related. Whatever it is – as a team – talk things through and get familiar with non-verbal communication too. Hope that helps.

Andrew SorlieCommunicate with Your Team during Production