About the Community:

This is a place where filmmakers go to actively engage in building a community. It’s a place where filmmakers are honest and vulnerable. It’s a place where they share their experiences in hopes that it helps someone else get one step farther in their journey to become a better business owner and artist.

If you’re here to talk about how awesome you are and bash people in the industry, peace out. This isn’t for you.

While the website is an awesome place to get resources in between conferences, it isn’t meant to be a substitution for in-person conversations and exploring new cities. Our events offer context to the information you’ll see online and give you a chance to develop meaningful relationships with people.

Visit our Resources Page. Visit our Events Page.

Our values keep us in check and guide our decision-making:

  • generosity

    We want to be able to serve people without asking for anything in return. Pretty basic. If something is going to generate “good” we’re in.

  • responsibility

    We are a team who is dedicated to getting the job done by taking ownership and creating valuable solutions. We also expect that of our community.

  • integrity

    We want to do things the right way and know actions speak louder than words in an effort to build trust.

  • community

    We want to create a tribe of people who support one another and walk with each other through all the transitions in their business.

  • diversity

    We don’t want our community to only consist of males. Girls are rad too. Period.

Meet the Team: