The Mission

"Pay it forward"


We empower studios to survive, thrive, and serve through the most progressive means of education possible.

Here at IN[FOCUS] headquarters, we believe that telling stories through the medium of the motion picture is one of the most rewarding occupations one can pursue. It’s a life worth having, and a life we want you to have. So in everything we do, we aim to create opportunities for you to continue to have a profitable, fulfilling, lifelong career as a storyteller, wherever the road may lead you.

Our founder, Julian St. Pierre, was known to remind those he mentored to “make sure to pay it forward.”  He recognized that none of us are anything without the help of our friends.  While Julian passed away in November 2009, his spirit continues to be infused in our pursuits.  Every blogger and every presenter we select embodies the pay it forward attitude, and we encourage you to create a legacy of your own by paying it forward as well.