The Team


Don Hy Pham – The CFO and Chief Enforcer

I am an engineer, an event filmmaker, an entrepreneur, and co-founder of In[Focus].  Not too often does one finds a job that they love.  I’m blessed with four.

In the same way, I am the bean counter, legal researcher, hotel organizer, and travel agent for In[Focus].  My goal is to create an environment where curious filmmakers can gather to share, laugh, learn, and make life long friendships.

Contact me for all questions regarding registration details as well as any concerns that have a dollar sign in it.


Chris P. Jones – The Educational Maestro

I escaped the 9-5 in 2001 and I have not looked back whatsoever.  What life could be better than that of a profitable filmmaker?  With In[Focus], I seek to gather fellow pilgrims together to support one another in sustaining such a joyful existence.

I oversee the educational services offered through our website and our conference.  If you wish to instruct the community in finding prosperity and freedom as a video producer, email me and we’ll talk about how your strengths as a blogger, presenter, or workshop leader can best be celebrated.


Terry Taravella – The Heart and Soul

After leaving the legal video field in 1993, this suburban full time mother of 2 entered the world of wedding video, filling the family game room with the latest video equipment money could buy.  Along with my then 16 yr. old son, we traversed the New Orleans Metro area taking care of clients and making friends.

In keeping with that tradition, I continue to nurture relationships with today’s talented filmmaking professionals from around the world. You’ll see me hustling around the conference, making sure you have the best time possible at our gatherings.  Don’t be a stranger.  Say ‘hi,’ and remember to pay it forward~


Joe Taravella – The On-Site Vendor Roughneck

I’ve always  loved telling stories through the lens, and I never feel like I’m waiting for the whistle to blow to punch out at the end of the day.  My late stepfather, Julian St Pierre, co-founded In[Focus] with a vision to educate fellow filmmakers while keeping in mind to pay it forward to others.  I’m proud that In[Focus] has held true to that mission and continues to bring together and build the most talented and genuine professionals in the industry.

While Whit Wales builds relationships with vendors, I take care of their on-site logistics.  If you are my vendor contact, well, you already have my e-mail.


Whit Wales – The Sponsorship Liaison and Poet Laureate

I’ve been walking the east coast beat for event filmmaking since 1998.  My belief in the value of education and fellowship remains ever strong as does my respect and faith in the goodness and generosity of the folks dedicated to creating both art and commerce.

From where I sit, the importance of partnerships and collaboration is critical to the growth any organization. In[Focus] is no different.  If you have any thoughts about helping to develop additional relationships and sponsors, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail shout-out to me.  I would love to hear from you.