Backlog Freedom for FREE – launching some indefinite time in the future

“Following Jones’ system of editing, I’ve cut my editing time by at least 10-15 hours per project and feel much better about the work I’m producing. It now has a story, substance, and a life, and I do too!” – Meghan Simone, New Hampshire


One quality that will supercharge your ability to serve the tribe is to DESTROY YOUR BACKLOG.  Excessive backlog keeps you from participating in extra-curricular activities in your personal life, and it can also keep you from becoming a consistent, content providing educator within the community.  We need to be able to count on anyone who blogs or presents for us to give us your best, and the best way to expect your best is to know that your backlog is under control.

So let’s make a deal.  Access to my workflow training videos normally costs you $97, but you can get the training for FREE when you pay-it-forward.

I invite you to contribute one short educational video for our blog that will help event filmmakers worldwide to survive, thrive, and serve. If you already have the training but you know someone who needs it, then you can create the video and donate the training to them, paying-it-forward twice in one act.

Dustin Blake of Indy Productions has participated, and you can see his blog entry by clicking here. I know —> insane.  Keep it simple, folks, the prize is always the same.

This offer will open on July 26th, and will only be open for a limited time/limited # of participants.  Come back to this page to submit your idea for a blog post then.  In the meantime, think about what you will cover.  Here are some suggested topics to get your mind working.

  • Product reviews – it can be anything that makes your business sing, rating different brands of RAM to print cartridges to software.
  • Ways to save money
  • Social media and marketing
  • Your favorite online resources
  • Your mistakes, and what you’ve learned from them.
  • Lighting, audio, editing.
  • DSLR education (guaranteed to get the most hits)

In the meantime, enjoy a free clip from my training, read my backlog busting articles on EventDV, and if you cannot wait to get your hands on the training, then go ahead and purchase it with the “Buy Now” button below.

Here’s to backlog freedom!!!