DSLR Lenses, Part 3: IS vs. Non-IS

In part 3 of the DSLR lens series I wanted to show the difference between IS (Image Stabilization) and non IS lenses. Specifically I’m talking about the Canon 70-200mm L lenses. There is definitely a big price difference between the two lenses. The question to ask yourself is what is necessary when shooting video on these DSLRs.

Happy Filming!
Joey Mathews

  • http://www.harkinscreative.com carter harkins

    Thanks Joey! This was exactly what I was wondering… same lenses too! Very helpful.

  • http://www.ivanbarrafilms.com Ivan

    Awesome. Thanks for the comparison!

  • http://www.vimeo.com/davidharveyvideo David Harvey

    I have a canon kit lens with stabilizer and a tamron 200mm lens without it. I never noticed a difference but maybe that’s because I didn’t even know what the stabilizer was for at first.