Visual Masterpiece on the Creation Of A Modern Wedding Video

visual masterpiece

From time to time our studio, Visual Masterpiece, will create a “Shooter’s Commentary” from our finished highlights. This educational series is paired up with behind the scenes footage, and gives wedding filmmakers a shot-by-shot breakdown of the gear used and how we accomplished the finished product. In this segment Michael covers: • how his newest addition from SmallHD has expanded …

Rebecka ForresterVisual Masterpiece on the Creation Of A Modern Wedding Video

Shooting for Story

Jet Kaiser Headshot

Event filmmaking is all about the storytelling. The stories that we tell are all made up of smaller story sequences. When shooting a story sequence, one must anticipate the action. A good storyteller will be on their toes all day. Questions to consider while shooting… Where’s the action headed? Where do I need to position myself to be in the …

JetShooting for Story

Sometimes It Is “About Us”

serendipity cinema team

A few months ago I was in a consultation with a couple when we started talking about their vision for their wedding film.  Eventually, we chatted about why they wanted to meet with me and potentially hire us to be their Wedding Cinematographers. One of the main reasons is because we had an “About Us” tab on our website in …

Taryn PollockSometimes It Is “About Us”

Affordable Packaging Solutions

meg simone NH elopements packaging

“Green” with envy over your friends super slick packaging? Thinking “gosh, that’s cool, but I really don’t want to spend that much per piece!” Introducing the best kept secret in wedding packaging … Kraft and Jute! Kraft and Jute is a Pennsylvania based company making simple, beautiful eco-friendly packaging solutions catered to fit your business needs. Their main focus is …

Meg SimoneAffordable Packaging Solutions

Constructive Contra Conquests for you to Consider


First. Yes. I think I’m hilarious. Second – this post does have relevant information for you to connote. Ok. That was the last one. Contra deals are simply trading your services for someone else’s product or services so that both parties are happy – and typically actual money is not involved in the deal. Contra can help when you need …

Andrew SorlieConstructive Contra Conquests for you to Consider

Increase Sales With A Simple Promotion

ryan koral

I promise this will work.  You may have to try a few different variations to find out what your clients want, but when you do, you will be able to create sales the easy way… and I’m not saying that sales is easy – but when comparing the two kinds: current customers and new customers – the former is wayyy …

Ryan KoralIncrease Sales With A Simple Promotion

The Hills are alive with the Sound of Decent, Licenseable Independent Music.


One of the historically awful things our industry has been known for in the past is using bad music. It’s right up there with slow-motion and cheesy graphics. I think even today, there are remnants of that and the evidence is when a bride asks if she can pick her own music! A few years ago, our English friends Coldplay …

Andrew SorlieThe Hills are alive with the Sound of Decent, Licenseable Independent Music.

Music Licensing… Not this again :)


There has been a lot of information going around lately about the ins and outs as well as legalities of music licensing. Specifically, using copyrighted music in wedding videos that are only viewed online through UGC networks (Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube, blogs, personal or business websites). Some of it’s true. Some of it…not so much. All of it is good conversation. …

Daniel McCarthyMusic Licensing… Not this again :)

What’s in Life Stage Films’ Lens Bag


With DSLRs, getting the right lenses are an important investment. And naturally, it can get expensive fast! In this video, I dissect how it’s possible to go off the beaten path and purchase some great lenses without breaking the bank. Of course, everyone knows Canon L lenses are the best, but not everyone (including Life Stage w/ 3 teams!) can …

Matt DavisWhat’s in Life Stage Films’ Lens Bag

Are You Adapting To Market Conditions?


With this every changing economy did you know that you can actually grow your company and expand your brand to create additional revenue streams? Imagine that, expanding your business and growing your revenue in a down economy. Taryn Pollock from Serendipity Videography shows you what they did to evolve their business model and grow their revenue by creating a new …

Taryn PollockAre You Adapting To Market Conditions?