Creative Spaces: Clean up the Tech chaos on your Desk

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How do you keep your office space conducive to creativity?  A major challenge for many editors is eliminating things that distract you from your work–whether that is cords in the way, audio from activities surrounding your office, or just general clutter.  As a film editor, you’re an artist and a business employee, so there’s a definite balance you need to strike between minimalism and mise en place (the french term for having all necessary tools within arm’s length).

Here are a few tools and some of my favorite solutions that could help you out in your search to tame cords.



Simple office clips are probably the cheapest solution, allowing you to keep laptop cords from sliding behind a desk.  Users typically describe doing this to their nightstand too, to keep cellphone cords at arm’s length for charging phones at night.quirkycordies-desktop-organize

A more expensive and manufactured version of the office clip at the edge of a desk is this quirkycord organizer. Not too expensive at $10.


At $24, the Plug Hub doesn’t set you back too much, and it also hides those awful wires plugged into a power strip.  Nice!

For a similar product that is easily accessible from your desktop, you can have this solution from Evoline installed into the top of your desk. It is also made from self-extinguishing material, so safety buffs, rejoice!  Their website reports: “Transform unattractive electrical elements into functional ones with our award-winning designer retractable electrical power docks…. Pop-up power Ports can be used in kitchen islands, mounted under kitchen cabinets, inside desktops, popping out of hotel sidetables, hotel desks, hotel bathroom cabinetry…so many uses for home designer outlets & office electrical ports.”

Now to make you drool.

For a few (hundred) dollars more, you can get this ergonomic beauty:


This two part desk comes with a pad that allows you to work, type and write on a lower level slide-out desk that comes with a pad that allows you to write on papers without scratching the aluminum surface of the desk.  It matches the finish and aesthetic of iMacs, and conveniently houses your cords under the desk.  Seems great as a space saver, too, when you’re not physically at the desk.

And of course, for the DIY hipster in all of us, if you decide to build your own desk out of reclaimed burl maple, you’ll find that the imperfections in the wood allow you to hide wires pretty easily. (Thank you, Apartment Therapy)


Kourtney AmeliaCreative Spaces: Clean up the Tech chaos on your Desk