Does your branding attract the right clients?

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How To Attract the Right Fit:  Breaking down the purpose and meaning behind branding

Tatjana Green of Brought To You By is a multi-talented design consultant and stategist. At In[Focus]2012 in Charleston, she shared tips on branding.  Her informative message can help you transform your brand from more than an identifying name and logo to something that connects with your potential clients.

“You have to create a story, something people can resonate with.”

Tips to take away:

Segmentation–Identify the types of groups that exist in your market.

Targeting -which kind of client do you want to attract? 

Positioning–how can you communicate in a way that appeals to your target audience?



Share with us! What does your brand communicate about who you are and the clients you hope to attract?

Tatjana GreenDoes your branding attract the right clients?