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Thank you for your support for our first Livestream Series with Industry Leaders.  Watch some of the past livestreams by clicking on the links below.

Date Speaker 5 Things I’ve learned about
08/09/11 Patrick Moreau The Red Epic
08/16/11 Meg Simone Storytelling Regardless of Gear (watch replay)
08/23/11 Konrad Czystowski Love Stories (watch replay)
08/30/11 Ray Roman Ensuring Success (watch replay)
09/06/11 Maura Coleman Murray Finding Work that Speaks to Me (watch replay)
09/13/11 Matt Davis Surviving an Economic Storm (watch replay)
09/20/11 Ron Dawson Transitioning event to corporate (watch replay)
09/27/11 Michael Wong Refining a Storytelling Voice (listen to replay)
10/04/11 Shade Tree Films (Drew and Chad) Success w/o a Marketing Budget (watch replay)
10/11/11 Steve Zugelter SDE’s (watch replay)
10/18/11 Andrew Waite The Tools of the Trade (watch replay)
10/25/11 Ryan Koral and Eric Kmetz Building a Team (watch replay)
11/01/11 Steve and Laura Moses Acknowledging/Ignoring Trends (watch replay)
11/08/11 Eugene and Heather The Client Relationship. (watch replay)
11/15/11 Dave Williams Hiring: You Can’t Do It Alone
11/22/11 Jet and Dani Kaiser Enhancing the Emotion (watch replay)
11/29/11 David Robin Longterm Success (watch replay)
12/06/11 Tatjana Green Building Brand Equity (watch replay)
12/06/11 part II Daniel McCarthy of The Music Bed Music Licensing (watch replay)
12/13/11 Adam Forgione Attracting Clients who want YOUR style (replay)
12/20/11 Dave Cowling and Abraham Joffe Booking more Brides (watch replay)