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David Aguilar

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  • “Companies trust us to craft edits and work alongside them to deliver projects that they’re proud to call their own.”

    David Aguilar operates Archaius Creative, a team of creative professionals that specializes in each level of the post production process.  Thanks to the skills of his team, Aguilar’s company is uniquely positioned to effectively help clients out of their looming backlogs, book more shoots for the next wedding season, and focus their efforts on other parts of their business or other businesses.

    From being a freelancer, Aguilar has developed into an entrepreneur.  Throughout the process of bringing on more clients, he has learned how to  better serve clients in a way that truly meets their needs.  Aguilar says, “The majority of my current clients are referrals from other clients, so word of mouth/testimonials have been huge in shaping my business practices.  As a contractor, I’ve learned some good strategies of setting up a working relationship wherein both sides feel secure and invested. I’ve been in good and bad collaborative relationships–both as a client and as a freelancer, so I’ve been able to see both sides of the working situation.”

    Archaius Creative’s clients can attest to the team’s abilities–their client list includes familiar names like Mason Jar Films, Sixpence Productions, Frameblender Films, Honey & Dear, Hoo Films, and Miguel Garcia Studios. New clients include Omron Global, and

Being a master delegator, Dave doesn’t actually do anything at Archaius Creative anymore. Since the company moved into a larger studio, the team rarely sees Dave leave his office, and can only hear what appears to be a small huddle of cats purring and meowing occasionally. Just kidding, it’s probably only 2 cats at most. To Dave, crafting the most effective and engaging narrative edit comes from the contrast in utilizing both subtle, nuanced connections, and flashy, dynamic transitions. It’s basically like a Mortal Combat fatality move—with slightly less blood and exponentially more cats.

Currently, Aguilar is focusing on building a blog that will be a resource on editing tips and techniques, reviews on software plugins, etc.  Aside from the outstanding work that his team is known for, Aguilar is married to his childhood sweetheart, is a prolific artist, and has played drums from childhood through college at USC.

  • Ryan Pierce



    To say that Ryan brings a certain gravitas to the Archaius team would be weird, considering none of us know what that actually means. But regardless, he’s still an awesome dude! As Archaius Creative’s Lead Editor, Ryan is the go-to guy when clients are collaborating throughout a project. He brings a positive, can-do attitude to the office, and is always happy to talk through improving the experience of Archaius team members and clients alike.

  • Alex Perez



    Alex is the most mole-like member of Archaius Creative, although with less thumbs and slightly better eyes. Holed up in the deepest corners of the Archaius Creative office, Alex grades the days away enhancing the beauty of every project that crosses his desk. One of the most comfortable and easy going members of the Archaius Creative team, he takes every project with a calm and calculated approach, only being startled occasionally.

  •  Brian Foreman



    The paradox. Arguably Archaius’s most dynamic character, Brian balances a fun-loving, quirky attitude alongside a professional, coffee-infused work ethic. He does this so well, you’d think he was a Libra! As a classically trained musician, producer, and audio engineer, Brian has a diverse range of skills and experience that spans multiple industries. When not mixing audio for editing projects, one can expect to find Brian either meditating peacefully on the lawn, or dropping amazing self-composed sets at music festivals around the country.

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1. PreProduction for Post Production: Shooting with the edit in mind (style, runtime, and engagement), how to best set yourself up for color grading in post production, and device settings, tools of the trade, and other considerations to get the best audio recording on your shoot.

2. A post production overview of narrative editing techniques, audio mixing, and color grading.

3. In-Depth Editing: Narrative storytelling techniques to keep your edit moving and emotionally impactful.

4. In-Depth Audio: audio mixing and enhancing tools to get the most from your audio.

5. In-Depth Color Grading: Color correction techniques you can apply for both true, matched color and branded looks.


What Clients are saying: 

“What the hell is this? This is so epic…haha! You guys killed it with this edit!”

Keith Brown (Forward Motion Productions)
Craig Flood (Watertown Films)
“Each time I get the email from you that my project’s first cut is ready to view, it feels as though I am a kid again about to open my gift on Christmas morning.”
Miguel Garcia (Miguel Garcia Studios)
“Just wanted to give you a big thank you and virtual hug for making us look good…I just heard back from the bride, and she didn’t know it wasn’t me!”
“Archaius Creative is our secret weapon…They have made our post-production a seamless process that has allowed us to focus on growing our business without worrying about that dreaded backlog.”
Andrew & Emily Sorlie (Honey&Dear / Stature Films)
“[The Archaius Creative team is] incredibly responsive, very teachable to learn your style and delivery desires, and amazingly talented to produce high-quality, cinematic short films that will wow your audience. We wouldn’t think about looking elsewhere!”
Robert Miles (Limestone Films)
“We have nicknamed Dave “The Wizard” because he can edit almost any footage and make it emotionally engaging while also conveying a complex company message concisely and clearly.”
Anthony Dimitri (Delta Tau)

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