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  • Dan Jones has always been a filmmaker at heart. As a kid growing up in the 80’s with a big imagination, Jones was fascinated by movies, television – the moving image in general. Film-making was a process that allowed its wielders to depict the impossible! Dan Jones been working professionally in the graphic and photographic arts since 1999. Jones is passionate about the study and application of how lighting, framing, and camera movement all work together to convey specific emotions, and how those emotions can come together to tell stories. “It has been a great ride so far. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with creative people on fascinating projects and hope to keep the trend going.” He has been a serious student of cinematography for the last 7 years and was a videographer for 9 years before that. Jones has also won multiple Addy awards for both local and regional commercial work. Jones has worked as a DP for companies such as Louisiana Travel, Dow, Veron Sausage, Louisiana Job Connection, and Louisiana Economic Development. Jones describes himself as an avid sci-fi reader, nerd, and chaser of light.


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Dan Jones has lit and filmed more interviews than he can count, and has worked out a method for building a frame that is quick, adaptable, effective, and beautiful. Join him to learn about building an attractive frame, from lighting to lens choice, quickly and on the fly for nearly any interview scenario. At Dan’s session you will also learn to develop more elaborate lighting setups for interviews when more time is available.


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JoyMeet Dan Jones