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Matt Davis owns and operates Life Stage Films in Wilmington, NC, a wedding company with 3 teams and 8 employees. They have served NBA, NFL, and NHL players and are sought after all over the world for their destination wedding films. The company has been voted as one of the top filmmakers in the world by Event DV magazine, and Davis is personally know as the “Head Coach” of wedding filmmaking with his consulting workshops and webinars for event filmmakers.

Davis has spoken at WEVA, InFocus, Exposed Down Under (Australia), and dozens of professional video associations around the country. He is the winner of multiple WEVA CEA awards, and a Lucent Award from InFocus for his team’s ground-breaking “wedding rap video”.


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Overcoming Price Objections

How many times have you heard potential clients poor-mouth their budget or tell you that your rates are far overpriced?  At the first sign of resistance, how do you respond?  If you are like most people, hearing objections can feel like a blind side punch, sending you spiraling into a litany of half prepared responses.   It doesn’t have to be this way.  Join Matt Davis as he:

 – exhibits how to listen to objections, to offer solutions, and to help couples through the decision making process.

 – models how to disarm the negotiator without being a pushy salesperson nor getting defensive.

– demonstrates a line of questioning that makes it easier for the bride to say ’yes’ and hard to say ‘no’

In attending Davis’ breakout, you’ll leave with the tools to skillfully persuade couple’s of your value and their inability to live without it!

What clients are saying:

OMG!!!!! I just watched it and am a blubbering mess of tears and excitement. I can’t even put into words how beautiful your work is. Absolute perfection. Best Wednesday surprise ever! And from my film and journalism background…kudos to you for editing all those hours of raw footage into this beautiful final product streamlining sound bites, music, and b-roll! That really is impressive!

I wish I could hug you through this computer right now! Shawn and I were so blown away with our wedding video. I cannot believe how many details you guys captured!!…When our film was over Shawn kissed my forehead and said “this was the BEST decision we have ever made.” There were moments from the speeches we forgot about and to re-live this AND to share this with our kids one day is just remarkable. Truly a gift to be treasured always!

Thank you so so much! The video is awesome!!! I spent all last night watching it over and over … EVERY SINGLE person who thought I was crazy or “mis” using my wedding money has said that David and I made the BEST investment to our marriage!! … And on top of that to receive my film before I even get my wedding photos… You guys are awesome and I can not say enough about the hard work and amazing service the Life Stage team has provided! Thank you again!!!

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