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    Their story begins with a wistful little girl named Vanessa who collected not Barbie dolls but bridal magazines. Dreaming of her happily ever after, the young-woman-with-a-love-for-all-things-nuptial set her sights on a film degree at the University of Texas in Austin with the sole intent of one day becoming a wedding videographer. Upon graduation in 2003, she did just that and launched Vanessa Berry Productions.

    One year later, a boy named Brent moseyed in. This gentleman was her kindred creative spirit and shared her love for preserving history and unfolding stories. So when he swept her off her feet, she happily took his name, and Vanessa McKellar Productions was born.

    Two really is better than one, and their souls longed to play and work together. So the two formed The McKellars | Wedding Cinema and have been making films side by side for twelve years.

“Filming weddings for so long has made me comfortable being in the midst of intimate situations. For weddings of course, it’s happy and tender moments, but the ability to move in close and not be afraid to ask questions has translated well to other, sometimes heartbreaking, life events.”
– Vanessa

Brent and Vanessa enjoy filmmaking all the while balancing life with their equally free-spirited sons, Mission – who Vanessa delivered at home during and ice storm – and Noble, in the heart of East Texas.  Vanessa loves popcorn, pajamas, and all things editing. Brent was once ranked third nationally in fantasy basketball. Together, The McKellars are a Texas-based husband-and-wife filmmaking duo whose passion is telling the intimate and intriguing stories of couples, families, and companies.

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 Leaning into the Pain to Find the Story

Making films comes with an extraordinary # of challenges, and not all are external.  How many times have we let fear get in the way of telling a great story?  Do we not want to inconvenience our subjects?  Are we afraid to ask for the money that we’re worth?  Do we avoid getting into others personal space, physical and emotional, when there may be a goldmine of great shots and emotional sound bytes to capture?

Vanessa and Brent feel the same fears that we all do, and they want to share with you how they have embraced moving past their own discomfort and moving into others pain in order to do full justice to their storytelling.  When our pursuit is to serve the client and the story, we run a much smaller risk of rejection.   Learn how they get their hooks into the nooks of emotion, how they maintain a caring presence with clients, and how being bold will ultimately lead you to make films that you believe in!

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JoyMeet Vanessa and Brent McKellar – Wedding Cinema