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  • “…documentary filmmaking presents challenges at every turn, and the filmmaker can either make excuses or make a great film.”

    Former TV reporters, producers and anchors Sarah & Rick Pendergraft have always had a passion for storytelling. Since launching PenWeddings in 2009, they have used that same passion to create emotionally captivating wedding films for their couples. Based in Oklahoma, they spend much of their time on the road, shooting weddings across the country and internationally.  Their work is frequently shared by local, national and international blogs and websites, and has also been featured on CNN, The Today Show, FOX Sports and NBC Sports Network.

    Their work has been recognized with several industry awards.  Believing that education is one of the best ways to elevate the impression of our industry as a whole, Sarah has presented at the InFocus Video Event, WEVA International, a number of local wedding/videography associations, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International, and the POSH Retreat.


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infocusMeet Sarah and Rick Pendergraft – PenWeddings

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