Q&A with Michael Y. Wong & Sarah Pendergraft

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Have you ever struggled with getting out of a rut in your filmmaking business?   Being an entrepreneur in a creative industry is often filled with new challenges each season–from determining pricing, how to market, how to find the right clients, and how to challenge your own work creatively.

Michael Wong and Sarah Pendergraft are both well respected filmmakers in our community who are known for their particular strengths in shooting and editing.   They are each also well known for their no-nonsense approach to overcoming challenges.   In this Q&A, we spoke to them about overcoming apathy to pursue excellence–and they shared their own personal challenges in shooting, editing, marketing, and pricing.

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Wong shared about the dangers of over-pricing your work and being realistic about the value of what you’re providing to clients.  Pendergraft shared about how her company re-designed their product line after a particularly wonderful year of growth that also unfortunately resulted in a drastic decrease in personal time.  Pendergraft has worked to increase the emotional value of her shorter edits through editing improvements.  By operating with a more efficiently run product line, Pendergraft hopes to decrease the amount of time spent in post-production for her editing team.   Both filmmakers agree that there’s always a call to some kind of personal sacrifice, but they both also shared their belief that taking control of your business is a key factor in living the life that you want.

We’re so grateful that they took the time to share their own personal experiences with us, and we look forward to their presentations at our conference gathering in Charleston (January 2015).

  • sarah pendergraft- 250 circleSarah Pendergraft will be speaking about Playing Above the Hand You Are Dealt, encouraging attendees that although documentary filmmaking presents challenges at every turn, a filmmaker can either make excuses or make a great film.  Pendergraft will debunk the myths that cause us to sell ourselves short.
  • michaelywong- 250 circleMichael Y. Wong is very generously sharing his famous color correction seminar with us, which is not NLE specific, and he will also be providing attendees with his notes and powerpoint slides from his presentation.  Considering that this color correction seminar is normally several hundred dollars on its own, it is definitely an amazing addition to the value of the conference ticket for an attendee!
infocusQ&A with Michael Y. Wong & Sarah Pendergraft

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