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“It is more important to do one thing supremely well than many things poorly.”

Bryan Coward of Lucky Lemon Films said this once to Jones as they discussed how to make life easier and making productions better.  Our goal with this online conversation was to share how several session leaders have diminished their backlogs, improved their production quality, and found new technologies that could make the production process more streamlined for their companies.

David Aguilar of Archaius Creative shared about how his company is a production house with team members spread across different disciplines in production and post-production.  Many production companies outsource to his company for specific solutions–color grading, editing, etc. He will be leading a breakout session at our conference about the benefits of collaborating, outsourcing, and how alleviating a backlog can allow for production companies to grow in the areas they are most skilled at or move their productions toward more projects in their interests.

Bryan Coward is the leader of Lucky Lemon Films, and over the years of transitioning from running a small wedding company to operating a well-run commercial production house, he learned that being all things to all people within his productions just didn’t cut it to keep production quality where he wanted.  He’s built a network with freelance producers and will be sharing about how DPs need to understand all the skills required for their set, but hire and lead the right team members in order for their productions to succeed.

Lastly, Taky Cheung has an exciting tech solution that will allow you to deliver digital files on USB with the visual user-friendly imagery of a DVD (so, say goodbye to days and days of tech errors while DVD encoding!)  It doesn’t require a lot of HTML coding to learn, and Taky will help you to understand exactly what you need to do in order to deliver in this exciting new format.


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Learn more from these amazing entrepreneurs and other fine folks at our conference for filmmakers in Charleston January 19-22, 2015.

infocusQ&A: Find Freedom in Solutions – Delegate, Collaborate, Innovate

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