Q&A: Meet Breakout Session Leaders

As our conference dates approach, we spent our last Q&A talking with several of the breakout session leaders.  Jones was joined by Christian Schultz (Music Bed),  Cody Dulock (Film Supply), Ryan Rossman & Ryan Welch (AO Creative & Moetic Wedding Films),  Andrew Sorlie (Stature Films),  Elizabeth Allen (Copper Penny Films), and Taryn Pollock (Serendipity Cinema).

They each had great tips to share about curating your portfolio, same day edits for corporate and commercial clients, and  improving your business to make room for your family and personal life.  We’re so grateful that they took the time to share their own personal experiences with us, and we look forward to their breakout sessions at our conference gathering in Charleston (January 2015).

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    Storytelling: A Collaborative Approach

    At INFOCUS 2015, Christian Schultz will share how he uses his instinct to create branded content for Music Bed, changing hearts with the power of story in the process.  Schultz doesn’t rely on tools or tricks, but thrives by trusting his instincts within the culture of the Music Bed community.  Schultz will challenge and inspire his audience to listen to their hearts to plan, execute, and craft storytelling pieces that resonate with clients at the deepest of levels.

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    Building A Legacy: Shooting for Maximum Profitability

    If your hard drives are full of beautiful, cinematic imagery, then you may be sitting on gigabytes of gold.  Cody Dulock, the Director of Content for FilmSupply.com will open your eyes to the how you can repurpose existing footage while shooting purposefully on future shoots to create a residual income stream.  The commercial and feature film world is in need of well-composed stock footage, and Dulock will prepare you to make more money every time you walk out the door with your camera in hand.

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    Finding your Voice: The Key to your Brand

    Join Elizabeth Allen in Charleston and learn about the market available for families and how to tap into it. “When working with kids you sometimes have to throw your big ideas out the window. To really capture who they are, you have to be flexible.” Allen will cover the best ways to work with children and families to make them feel comfortable, and what sweet details parents really want to remember. Embrace how family work can open up opportunities for more fulfilling, and lucrative work.

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    Teams – Step by Step on How to Create and Manage

    Pollock will be presenting on the power of creating teams, and learning to develop a business, not work for the business. Since the inception of Serendipity in 2005, her company has always worked in teams. She now manages 6 teams of filmmakers that shoot over 100 weddings a year, and she doesn’t film a single one of them. Her weekends are available to be with her kids and family, and yet her business still makes money for her. Attendees to this presentation can expect to learn HOW to create teams in their studio not just why it is beneficial. Pollock will take them step by step through the process so they have an exact roadmap to immediately implement a “Team” strategy into their studio. We are excited to have Pollock share her knowledge of business development, sales, and management with our group of filmmakers.

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    Quick Turn-Around Edits

    Based in Oregon, Ryan Welch and Ryan Rossman have developed a dynamic, intimate story-telling style through both of their studio brands– Moetic Films and AO Creative Films. They travel around the country filming for the documentary series “Life of Duty” and continue producing commercial work and filming weddings.

    Along with working with hundreds of couples on their weddings, they have had the chance to collaborate with companies such at Nike, University of Oregon football, The Duck Store, The Beaver Store, Chemeketa Community College, and NRA Life of Duty TV. They will be leading a panel on same day and quick turn-around edits.

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    Quick Turn-Around Edits

infocusQ&A: Meet Breakout Session Leaders

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