Q&A: Meet Session Leaders 3: Talk #marketing

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“Sometimes business owners focus so much on their product that they forget they’re also running a business. You can’t neglect relationships.”

These were just a few of the opening comments that Cali Hlavac had to share about operating a filmmaking business.  What started as a simple conversation about marketing changes that Hlavac, Scott Strimple, and Joanna Banks-Morgan have instituted in their own companies evolved into a very motivational discussion about being committed to building the right kind of relationships for your business.   Strimple was quick to point out to us that whether it’s excessive time spent on color-grading or networking in areas where your target client doesn’t even interact—you have to be diligent as a business owner to stay committed to what keeps your business running–and that’s definitely income.  In our conversation with them, they shared a little of each of their (very different) journeys and what kinds of marketing lessons they’ve learned along the way.


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  • scott strimple- 250 circle

    Scott Strimple

    Pilot & Aerial Cinematographer

  • joanna banks morgan- 250 circle

    Joanna Banks Morgan

    Destination Filmmaker and Interviewing Pro

  • cali hlavac- 250 circle

    Cali Hlavac

    Social Media Marketing Guru

infocusQ&A: Meet Session Leaders 3: Talk #marketing

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