Q&A with Scott Strimple: A Primer on Aerial Cinematography

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We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Scott Strimple to discuss aerial cinematography—his advice for beginners, things to know about the legal issues, and his advice on gear.  He’s got a great perspective as a filmmaker, because he is also currently an airline pilot!  If you’re not familiar with the mindset of a pilot, their rigorous training makes them extremely aware of safety, and his years in the cockpit obviously give him an understanding of the beauty that can only be seen from thousands of feet above the earth.

As an airline pilot, emmy-award winning filmmaker, and publisher, Scott Strimple says that he is still searching for what he wants to be when he grows up.  Between countless hours in the cockpit of a jet aircraft to writing music for movie scenes, Strimple stays pretty busy. He formed his business with his wife in 2000, and attributes his successful experience as a wedding filmmaker both to his team’s personalities/customer service and especially to the “unselfish help of many who came before us.”  Along the way, he has produced an award winning wedding planning TV show, website, and published a magazine.

Strimple is not only the recipient of an Emmy award for his Carrera’s jewelry commercial, but one of his films was the Winner of 48hour film project and chosen to screen at Cannes Film Festival 2012.  He has won numerous WEVA CEA’s in bronze, silver and gold for wedding films, and numerous Telly awards for his wedding planning TV show “BridesightTV.”  He has been a Keynote speaker at Wedding MBA, The Special Event TSE and numerous local VA wedding network, photography and videography associations. Strimple is also the publisher of Premier Bride Magazine. United Wedding’s notable clients include:

University of Richmond
AAA Mid-Atlantic
American Heart Association
Harris Williams
United Airlines
Dominion Resources

Scott’s expertise, safety knowledge, and gear advice during our discussion was useful to both novices who are just beginning to research flying, as well as several experienced aerial cinematographers who were present to weigh in, as well–and our conversation went on for an hour and a half, because there was just so much to cover!


Check out Aerial Cinematography Primer on Spreecast.

infocusQ&A with Scott Strimple: A Primer on Aerial Cinematography

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