Sometimes It Is “About Us”

serendipity cinema team

A few months ago I was in a consultation with a couple when we started talking about their vision for their wedding film.  Eventually, we chatted about why they wanted to meet with me and potentially hire us to be their Wedding Cinematographers. One of the main reasons is because we had an “About Us” tab on our website in which we identified exactly why we were qualified to be their Wedding Cinematographer. I laughed and asked “Are you serious?” and they said “Yes! No one talks about their qualifications or that they were capable of being entrusted with documenting our memories.”

They noted that Jeff (my husband and co-owner) was an Emmy Award Winning News Videographer and that Sales and Marketing was my expertise. They also loved that there were photos of us & our team on our website. They felt connected to us already and they felt like they knew who they were getting on their wedding day.

Later that night I started poking around online and quickly realized that this couple was right – many Wedding Cinematographers do not have an “About Me” tab or “Our Story” section of their website, and if they did, it talked mostly about that they liked Starbucks Lattes and how well they got along with their dog. It said nothing about their journey and their relevant qualifications.

I get it!  It’s hard to write about yourself and you don’t want to seem like you are bragging – but in truth, you are applying for a job each and every day. If a potential client is browsing your website and this is the only introduction they are going to have of you, then for the love of Pete, SELL YOURSELF!!!

If you are lacking this critical section of information on your website here are the “must haves” to do a rock star job of selling yourself without sounding like Braggy McBraggerson.

1. Add an “About Us” “About Me” “Who We Are” “Our Story” section to your website. Call it whatever tickles your fancy but you need to have a landing spot for potential clients to learn about who you are and what you are about.

2. Talk about your work history and what you did before becoming a Wedding Cinematographer. Did you have a video camera in your hand since the age of 14? Did you shoot Television News for 10 years? Even if all of the work history isn’t video related, it’s probably a great story. Everyone loves a good story and that story will be a part of what draws a couple to you…but you’ve got to tell them about it…on your website!

3. Explain how you got your start as a Wedding Cinematographer. Did a friend ask you to shoot their wedding? Did you 2nd shoot for someone and find your passion? How long have you been doing this?

Most of us have a really fun and interesting story about how we got into this, so TELL IT! Part of the “Serendipity” story is how we love the movie Serendipity and the actor John Cusack and I always find that couples are smiling when I relate this to them.

4. Make it personal. Have a spot that talks about what you do when you aren’t shooting weddings. Do you have a spouse? Kids? Hobbies? Talk about them. It will help the couple connect with you. Who knows, maybe the groom went to the same college as you or maybe you grew up in the next town over. All of these details create connections and connections create opportunities. Opportunities turns into sales!!

5. Finally…. Have a decent and professional headshot!!! We work in the visual aesthetics business, yet we have some of the most horrific photos floating around out there. I get it… You like to stay behind the camera, but people please!!!! You are applying for a job here!!! You have enough photographer contacts trade for a decent photo session. You want potential couples to know that you are easy on the eyes and and that you have got your stuff together…You are not going to show up on their wedding day in a wife beater and jeans.

People have the desire to form connections. Brides want to hire people that are like themselves. Communicate who you are, how you got here, and why you are perfect for their wedding day, and you will not only attract potential clients, but the TYPE of clients that you want to attract. When you do this, by the time that they meet with you the deal is already half way done.

Taryn PollockSometimes It Is “About Us”