Think Tank Retrospective 30 vs. The Shootsac {battle of the lens and camera bags}

think tank bag vs shoot sac

When we started using DSLRs, we started collecting lenses.  Super expensive, super painful, and super fun.  It has been necessary to have quick access to my lenses as event filmmaking is all about being able to capture the moment at the right time through the right lens.

I’ve owned the Shootsac for about 1.5 years and mostly needed it to switch between my 24-70 and 70-200.  Granted – I hate putting the 70-200 in the Shootsac and carrying it around… I just don’t think it is comfortable at all.  But – that’s all I knew until I tried out the ThinkTank Retrospective 30 a few weeks ago.

You’ll notice in the video the dramatic difference in size for these two bags. There are definitely different reasons why each of them is useful – so it really comes down to how you plan on using it.  For me – on an event day – if I’m going to running around by myself, having the Shootsac would not be sufficient.  The ThinkTank Retrospective 30 is big enough to carry around a TON of stuff, but it also can end up weighing a ton — especially if you put a ton of stuff in it.

Long story short – I’m glad I have both but if I had to choose between the 2, I’d choose the ThinkTank as it has more uses than the Shootsac.  In all fairness, the Shootsac would probably be considered a lens bag (with a spot for some other small stuff like snacks, wallet, keys, iPhone, Garbage Pail Kids, etc.) and the Retrospective would be considered for camera+lens+other handy stuff.  Check out the video to see for yourself.

Here’s a link to Adorama to purchase the ThinkTank and here’ the link if you’re interested in purchasing the Shootsac and don’t forget the shoulder shtrapp pad (you say strap – I say “shtrapp”).  Don’t bother w/ B&H – they don’t carry either.

Ryan KoralThink Tank Retrospective 30 vs. The Shootsac {battle of the lens and camera bags}